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Like any business or profession, being an effective and successful financial advisor takes time, effort, and resources. Those who don’t know better will work twice as hard only to achieve half the success of shrewd financial advisors.

With Magellan Network’s business coaching services, we’ll show you how to be a smarter financial advisor.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Membership

Magellan Network is created with helping financial advisors in mind. Joining means you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free Membership: Unlike other coaching programs for financial advisors, Magellan Network gives you free, instant access to Magellan Academy where you can get expert insights on how to grow your financial advisory business. 
  • Convenient Mobile App: Joining Magellan Network means you can access all the content included in your free membership in the most convenient platform: an easy-to-use application. Learn on the go or whenever you need a refresher.
  • Vast Content Library: Our free membership includes access to a vast library of content, from basic business principles to more advanced courses. All of these are curated from Coach Joe’s almost 30 years of coaching experience.
  • Wide Financial Advisor Network: Magellan Network members gather together and share insights to help each other thrive. With a vast network of like-minded people, you get the extra support you need to grow your business.
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Why Work with Magellan Network?

Magellan Network is not just about helping you make more money from your practice—we also focus on instilling business values that will leave lasting improvements in your business and personal life.

As our business name suggests, we have a vast network of financial advisors, each with unique experiences and wisdom that they can share with you. You not only make high-value connections, but you also learn from others’ experiences.

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