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The rules and tools for success in the financial services industry are about to change radically. Watch this short video and let me explain why you must check this out.


I have spent over 25 years coaching only financial advisors. In that time, I have personally conducted over 52,000 individual coaching sessions. I have built a profound knowledge base of what it takes to achieve lifelong success in business and life. In my career, I have transformed 1,000’s of advisors (below are video and written testimonials by many of them).

In the past, I have tried to expand my reach in the industry by hiring coaches and building a big coaching firm. I hated it, and I believe coaching is personally driven not process driven. I have decided to use cutting edge mobile technology to coach you every business day and expand my reach.

Many of you probably paid thousands of dollars to various coaching programs with very mixed results. Most coaching programs are just that. A pre-planned process that is “cookie cutter”. Where they have salespeople having to “sell” you on their program and results. In most cases, it’s about the coach, their ego, and their money. They base their program on “practice management” or “marketing”. They make you more intelligent. What they all fail to do is help you make that “mindset” shift that must happen for you to realize your dreams and vision.

I am all about my clients and their goals and dreams. Many of my clients have been with me for over 10 years and a few almost since day one. Why? Because I never stop caring or adding value to our relationship. In addition, I am always thinking 5-10 years down the road when it comes to what success will look like in our industry.

I want you to be able to tap into my vast experience helping financial advisors reach their full potential. You will get my answers to your questions based on my vast experience coaching only financial advisors 

Let Me Show You How We Do It


You are going to become a better business owner, entrepreneur, and person.

I am going to coach you, teach you, inspire you, and train you all on your mobile device every business day.
You are going to get better at business development, practice management, personal development, and your vision.

Here is what you are going to get from me each month:

 A 5-10 minute morning coach video each business day.

  3 training videos of 20-30 minutes each. This will be a deep dive into four areas I mentioned above.

  A live group coaching session where you and I can interact and work together. 

Here is what you can do each month:

 Post a question to me and I will answer it.

 Collaborate and associate with like-minded advisors.

 Invite other great advisors into the network.

Some Added Member Bonuses:

Several times a year I invite industry experts to teach and train my Magellan MasterMind Group via webinar. You will be invited to come and attend the live session and have access to the replays. 

Several times a year, across the country, I host a single-day Magellan Strategic Coaching Day. You will get an invitation to attend each event. 

An invitation to our members-only annual Magellan Business Planning Retreat each November. Get out of your normal environment and create the vision you deserve.


Access to Magellan Academy. This is your online hub for training, tools, forms, and all my updated and new E-Learnings. This is the successor to PracticePower Academy.

Your Bottom Line:

Here is the deal. I am not going to ask you for a credit card. Like I said before, coaching is personality driven. You might not like my style or tactics. So with that in mind here is my offer to you. Complete the short form below. You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to join the network for the next 14-days. I personally approve each submission, so this might take a few hours or a day at the most. I will not ask for compensation of any kind during that 14-days.

If after experiencing my work for 14-days and if you believe that I can help you, here is the deal. To remain in Magellan Network and have access to Magellan Academy, your daily investment in yourself will only be about the price of a Latte these days. One more thing, it’s a month-to-month deal. I’m not going to lock you into anything.

Take action now and complete the short form below and I look forward to welcoming you personally inside the Magellan Network.


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