The Coaching Game For Financial Advisors

If You Are a Financial Advisor

Step Inside This Very Unique Coaching Game That Will Ignite You and Your Bank Account

If You Want to FINALLY Break Free From The Limiting Beliefs & Destructive Behaviors Keeping You STUCK Inside the Chaos of Scarcity...Ultimately Preventing You From TRULY Having it All...


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Skeptical and been burned with other coaches and programs? Just Watch This 15 Minute Video from Coach Joe 

This Is Your Invitation to Master

AND Implement My Frameworks & Systems for Strategically Creating Your Ideal Life, Your Ideal Business, AND Your Ideal Self. This is the Exact Same Process That I Have Used With My Personal Coaching Clients Over 25 Years

I Am Going to Show You How to:

  • Create A Strategic Business & Life Plan 

  • Create Your Own Powerful Morning Success Ritual

  • Have a Written Daily Game Plan Framework

  • Optimize Your Book of Business

  • Shift Your Mindset From Survival to Success

  • Elegantly Drive Referrals From Your Current Clients

  • Become a Master of Marketing & Business Development.   

  • Win the Game Every Day

What Holds You Back From Having it All?

  • You Have No Vision - Just Survival
  • You Have No Written Business Plan
  • You Have Poor Daily Habits & Rituals 
  • You Don't Believe You Can Do It (Mindset)
  • You Lack of a Framework to Pull It All Together
  • You Are Not Aligning With The Right Group & Right Coach

I Have Painstakingly Developed These Strategies & Systems Over 52,000 Individual Coaching Sessions Over 25 Years

I want you to be able to tap into my vast experience helping financial advisors reach their full potential. You will get my answers to your questions based on my vast experience coaching only financial advisors 

 You are going to become a better 

financial advisor, business owner, entrepreneur, and person.

You are going to increase your income by 100% in less than 48 months & take more time off then you ever imagined. 

I am going to coach you, teach you, inspire you, and train you all on your mobile device every business day.

You are going to get better at business development, practice management, personal development, and your vision.

What Makes Magellan Network Different Then Other Coaching Programs? Why Should I Care?

Magellan Network is more that just a coaching program - it's a MOVEMENT. I am the difference maker that leads this movement . There is not another coach alive who knows how to make advisors get off their ass and get their shit done. I am going to help you create your game and then dominate it... Every single business day.

I'm not one for being professional and polite. I think you already picked-up on that. I will call you out when you are lying to yourself and not executing. 

Unlike other coaches who will lie to you and seduce you with a bunch of Tony P and Jeff S [email protected]@@@ testimonials, my clients are proud of their association with my and attach their entire REAL NAME.  Check them out below.   


This Program is Not For Every Advisor.

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Here is the deal. I am not going to ask you for a credit card. Like I said before, Magellan Network is not right for every advisor. You might not like my style or tactics. So with that in mind here is my offer to you. Complete the short form below. You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to join the network for the next 30-days. I personally approve each submission, so this might take a few hours or a day at the most. I will not ask you for compensation of any kind during the 30-days.

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