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Learn How To Become a Better Advisor - Leader - Business Owner - Entrepreneur 

Tap Into Over 25 Years of Coaching Some of The Most Successful Advisors In The Industry. Learn The Mindset, Strategies, Behaviors, & Habits to Double Your Revenue. 

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The Success Game For Financial Advisors Has Changed Forever. Just Watch The 4 Minute Video from Coach Joe 

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AND Implement My Frameworks & Systems for Strategically Creating Your Ideal Life, Your Ideal Business, AND Your Ideal Self. This is the Exact Same Process That I Have Used With My Personal Coaching Clients Over 26 Years. This is Also Your Invitation to Associate With Like-Minded Men and Women Just Like You!

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You are going to learn how to:

Create A Strategic Business & Life Plan 
Create Your Own Powerful Morning Success Ritual
Have a Written Daily Game Plan Framework
Be a Better Leader of Your Team & Your Clients
Shift Your Mindset From Survival to Success
Elegantly Drive Referrals From Your Current Clients
Become a Master of Marketing & Business Development.
Win the Game Every Day

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What Holds You Back From Having it All?

You Have No Vision - Just Survival
You Have No Written Business Plan
You Have Poor Daily Habits & Rituals 
You Don't Believe You Can Do It (Mindset)
You Lack of a Framework to Pull It All Together
You Are Not Aligning With The Right Group & Right Coach

You Will Have Access To Strategies & Systems That I Have Painstakingly Developed

Over 52,000 Individual Coaching Sessions Over 26 Years

I want you to be able to tap into my vast experience helping financial advisors reach their full potential. You will get my answers to your questions based on my vast experience coaching only financial advisors.  

Success as a financial advisor is all about focus, consistency, being uncomfortable, and associating with like-minded people.

What Makes Magellan MasterMind & Network Different Than Other Programs?

Magellan MasterMind & Network is the industry's best value proposition...

You will get a strategy video every day on your mobile device from me every day.
Several times each month you will be invited to a Zoom Coaching/MasterMind Cast where you, I, and other members will interact and I will answer your questions and coach you personally
You will receive an invitation to our virtual training events.
You will receive peer mentoring and coaching.
You will be invited to the industry's only multi-day virtual business planning event held each December.
You will have access to Magellan Academy. Your online masterclass portal is available right on your mobile device. 
You will be invited to join one of our Magellan MasterMinds. You will have team and powerful associations to help hold you accountable and propel your success
You cannot just join, you must submit your application, have a Zoom interview with Coach Joe, and complete your 14-day trial. Our community is not right for every advisor. 


You Just Can't Sign-up...You Need to Submit Your Application That I Personally Review

How To Apply For Your FREE 14-Day Trial Membership

Here is the deal. I am not going to ask you for a credit card. Like I said before, Magellan Network is not right for every advisor. You might not like my style or tactics. So with that in mind here is my offer to you. Complete the short application below. You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to join the network for the next 14-days. I personally approve each submission, so this might take a few hours or a day at the most. You and I will have an interview/Zoom conversation to make sure you are a good fit for us, and Magellan Network is a good fit for you. I will not ask you for compensation of any kind during the 14-days. 


Take action now and complete the short application form below and I look forward to welcoming you personally inside the Magellan Network.